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In a perfect fishing world we would be able to fish all day every day with no other obligations. Since that isn’t the case for most of us, it is important to fish efficiently while on vacation. From being ready on a whim to keeping your flies in the best water, here are three tips to help you maximize your precious fishing time.

1. Be Ready for Impromptu Excursions

Vacations can have unexpected down time that leaves you with an opportunity to go fishing. Buying a fishing license upfront and keeping your equipment organized allows you to be prepared to fish at a moment’s notice. Keep your rod as rigged as space allows. If you rent a vehicle keep your fishing gear in the back. Buy a map that shows the waters that are within a short distance of your accommodations. Talk to a fly shop to get an idea of what areas are fishing best and buy the flies the shop suggests.

2. Find the Best Holding Water

Every river has spots that are fishier than the rest. Use your angler instinct and common sense to get to the best spots. Always look for rising fish as you scout new water. Seeing risers indicates where trout are holding and assures you they are feeding! Changes in depth and current speed can also indicate great fishy areas to focus on. Also remember the fishy rhyme: foam is home and wood is good. Fish like bubbly foam lines because that indicates a current change. Trout – especially brown trout – love structure. Fishing near logs, boulders, or bridge pilings can produce more trout.

3. Keep Your Flies in the Water

It seems like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised how many more fish hit the net if you simply keep fishing when you’re tempted to stop. Cover the water methodically – your drifts should be like a lawn mower cutting new grass on every pass. Make every cast a game of target practice where you aim for a 6” bull’s-eye. Watch the water for risers, flashes, and hatches. Active fly fishing means less time wasted, more valuable experience garnered, and more fish caught.



Hopefully you find these tips useful for fishing efficiently while on a busy vacation. If you want to learn more about fly fishing or build on your skills I welcome you to join me for a guided trip this summer. Tight lines and I hope to see you on the water!

About the Author

Patrick Black-Dale is a fly fishing guide for Willowfly Anglers at Three Rivers Resort in Almont, Colorado. He guides on all of the local rivers including the Gunnison, Taylor and East Rivers. Three Rivers Resort is the perfect base camp for a variety of fishing adventures. The resort offers cabins, lodge rooms and vacation homes plus a full fly shop and Orvis Endorsed guide service.

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